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Services Description Information

Account Management

Our team will help you establish your brand and manage your product portfolio on the marketplaces of your choosing.
• Deep research and evaluation will allow us to understand your products and target audience and identify growth opportunities.
• Continued monitoring of third-party sellers and assessment of the customer experience.

Marketplace Integration

Through use of a channel management tool, we will grow your brand’s global customer reach. Our goal is to help you efficiently consolidate and manage your inventory from a centralized interface. This includes integration of your preferred distributor, 3PL or warehouse management system (WMS) to manage your shipments and orders.

Product Information Management

Our solution is to provide you a single place to collect, manage and enrich your product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels. With one location for all your data, we have the added functionality of viewing all product information to improve quality, ease of management and assist spotting inaccuracies.

SEO & Content Optimization

We will ensure each content page is relevant and appealing to the consumer. We will identify the most relevant keywords and increases your product discoverability in search rankings.
• Our advanced SEO software will help us identify targeted keywords to allow your products to be indexed and searchable by the search algorithm.
• We will craft high-quality, converting listings with intuitive and easy-to-use writing tools and search results verification.

Logistics Oversight

Inventory tracking from the point of ordering until arrival.
Increased visibility to reduce shipment issues and increase customer fulfillment numbers along with your chances of winning the Buy Box.
• FBA inventory shipment and logistics recommendations to maximize product availability at fulfillment centers.

Pricing Strategy

Offer competitive pricing to maximize gross margin and increase revenue.
• Determine your break-even prices by calculating all costs involved in the production and distribution.
•  Implement promotions to boost sales, increase brand awareness and stay ahead of your competitors.

PPC Advertising

We will leverage your product visibility through PPC campaigns to drive targeted traffic and conversions. We will create, execute and manage ad campaign strategies that focus on lowering your ACoS and maximizing your ad budget.
• Optimize ad visibility by targeting multiple product ASINs and driving traffic to various product pages.

• Manage and update keywords and search terms, bid pricing changes and campaign budget.


Constant monitoring of your accounts allows us to alert you to any areas of opportunity before they affect your business. We will provide a detailed statement of your account sales, revenue and losses. Additionally, we will deliver inventory forecast reports to aide in monthly, quarterly or yearly planning.